What is minimum required to construct a fully functional sofa? Less design by Lars Tornøe – LK Hjelle

Design by Lars Tornøe

The LESS sofa consists of two main elements: casual cushions and a distinct, solid wooden base.

The idea for the sofa was born when Lars asked himself the following question:
What is minimum required to construct a fully functional sofa?



The solution?
A simple wooden frame that serves as the ‘backbone’ of the entire sofa, both aesthetically and functionally. This frame is deliberately visible from all angles, acting asa pedestal for the soft cushions. All auxiliary components securely anchor to this primary structure.

While seat springs are pre-fitted at our factory, assembly of the legs and supports for the backs and armrests are done by the user.After this, the backs and armrests are easily slid onto their supports, and the seat cushions are subsequently positioned.

Thanks to the simple construction:

Use of glue is minimized and stapling is avoided.
All components are designed for easy replacement.
Material segregation facilitates efficient recycling.
The sofa’s design supports flat-packed transport.

With the potential to last for generations, LESS embodies a blend of comfort and functionality without excess complexity.