Welcome The Biosphere @ Svenskt Tenn

SVENSKT TENN EXHIBITS “Welcome the biosphere”
23.08.2019 – 27.10.2019

In this exhibition you will find out, among other things, that you consist of biomass and that the rain forests, coral reefs and sea can be transformed into money.

The exhibition deals with issues regarding our relationship to the biosphere – that thin layer around the earth where we live, which supports human existance. It’s about the complex relationship between climate change, norms, ethics and economics. All of this is interpreted and visualised by the artists Lars Arrhenius and Eric Ericson in collaboration with Svenskt Tenn’s curator, Karin Södergren.

Svenskt Tenn is owned by a foundation and the whole surplus is given to research, education and cultural projects. Over the years, 188 million SEK has been donated to these causes, which has led to valuable discoveries and solutions in areas such as medicine and the correlation between economics and ecology.