We celebrate our 30-year-long collaboration with John Pawson – Dinesen

Dinesen During 3daysofdesign

In 2024, we celebrate our 30-year-long collaboration with John Pawson by launching a bespoke Pawson Furniture Collection at the brand-new Dinesen Apartment in the Dinesen Showroom.

What: Pawson x Dinesen
SMULD, in collaboration with Dinesen
When: 12 – 14 June 2024
Where: Dinesen Showroom Søtorvet 5 Copenhagen
Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00


Celebrating 30 Years of Collaboration

The depth and richness of our partnership with John Pawson unfold in the newly designed Dinesen Apartment by Pawson. We celebrate the long-lasting collaboration and learning from one another with a bespoke Pawson Furniture Collection displayed in the brand-new space, which is improved with classical Pawson features of whites, lights, and wood.

The Pawson Furniture Collection pays tribute to the timeless sensory experience of Dinesen wood. It is based on the span of a Dinesen Douglas plank, whose pared-back forms appear to be lifted directly out of the floor. This inspired the collection design that John Pawson drew in 1992.



What To Explore During 3daysofdesign
SMULD – an Exhibition in Collaboration With Dinesen

We present the SMULD exhibition in our Gallery wing in partnership with the creators, Office Kim Lenshcow and Bonnie Hvillum of Natural Material Studio. The exhibition is an architectural material installation exploring new materials based on natural wood binders and sawdust from the Dinesen sawmill in Jels. 



SMULD invites visitors to explore the studies of four biodegradable composite materials. With an aesthetic and technological approach, the exhibition explores new possibilities within architecture, thus putting the Dinesen vision of utilising the entire tree trunk in a new perspective.

Enter a sensory journey through four portals of materials, each unfolding the aesthetics of the sawdust material studies by Flexibility, Insulation, Translucency, and Structure.

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Dinesen Showroom is open every day during 3daysofdesign 12 – 14 June from 9:00 to 17:00

Dinesen Floors a/s, Klovtoftvej 2, Jels, 6630 Rødding, Denmark


Copenhagen 12 – 14 June 2024