Pendant Wave which is launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012 – bsweden

Already during her studies at Politécnica in Milan, the teachers commented that Gunnel had a special feeling for curved lines. Gunnels thoughts back then were that she could design with straight lines as well, which at the time was believed to be a bit more sophisticated. Much later we can see that many of her most popular designs do in fact incorporate curved lines: Egg, Ghost and Clover, which are now all classic lights that she has designed for Bsweden with smooth curves and a striking shape. This is also the case now with the pendant Wave which is launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair.


”My designs are always based on a perceived need. I often meet people who want to have two points of light over the dining table or a conference table. With Wave, two lights merge into one in a sweeping shape. Form and function integrate. Wave provides focused light over a large dining table or conference table and the sweeping shape lends the pendant a strong visual impact both when viewed from the side or the end. Perhaps the teachers at Politécnica were correct after all -It seems I have an affinity with sweeping lines in my design, ”says Gunnel.