Wasteland – from waste to achitecture @ Danish Architecture Centre

Wasteland - from waste to achitecture @ Danish Architecture Centre

On Thursday, 26 January, The Danish Architecture Centre and Lendager Group embarks 2017 with a new exhibition ‘Wasteland – from waste to achitecture’ together with a kid-friendly exhibition ‘Hit med Skraldet’.

Floors made of car tyres, ceilings made of plastic bottles and walls made of scrap wood. The exhibition, Wasteland challenges our attitude to waste and invites us into an imminent future, when waste will play a crucial role in the way we live, work and consume.

EXHIBITION PERIOD: 26 January – 17 April
LOCATION: Danish Architecture Centre
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Every year, in Denmark alone, 1.3 million tons of waste gets produced. In Wasteland, the architectural practice, Lendager Group takes a closer look at how waste can become new architecture – new resources. By now we know the importance of recycling, but what is really going to shift the boundaries is upcycling.

In the upcycling process, material is not simply reused. It forms the basis for new, improved material. In the exhibition, Lendager Group shows how concrete,

for example, can be made even stronger if you mix the new product with old, recycled concrete.

The exhibition, which runs from 26 January to 17 April 2017, is based on six different materials, including glass, concrete and plastic. First we encounter the materials as waste products. We then follow the transformation that occurs as they turn into new materials, new buildings, and even brand new urban areas, where everything is upcycled.