Warning – Japanese paper folding technique and an ordinary warning triangle inspired the designer Linn Anna Bjørk– onecollection

Japanese paper folding technique and an ordinary warning triangle inspired the young Norwegian designer Linn Anna Bjørk making her slight and sculptural stool.

– The name Warning therefore has a double meaning, as it refers to exactly the purpose of the warning triangle, but at the same time also to the thickness of the stool. It looks as if it is made of fragile paper and not solid wood, Linn Anna Bjørk explains.

Warning is stackable and can be put together in different ways, e.g. a circle. The stool has a simple form, at the same time the triangled conic legs create an exiting reflection of light and shadows and makes it sculptural.

-Warning is a study of how little wood you need for a strong and stable construction with a slight expression, says Linn Anna Bjørk.

The construction in solid ash wood is intelligent and complicated and is hidden inside the elements of the stool. But the expression seems simple and natural as if it was moulded.

-Together with the angles the slightness gives an illusion of the stool being as light as a feather and thin as paper. It is not until you touch the stool that you feel the stability it has, tells Linn Ana Bjørk.

-Warning is made as a comment to the overconsumption of the world with keywords as sustainable design, ecology and effective use of materials. Today’s buy- and throw away society, where incredibly many products are only made for a short time purpose, Warning is made with sustainability in mind, says Linn Anna Bjørk.

Warning is delivered in a beautiful bag made in rough natural linen, reflecting the design of the stool. The bag is made of triangles which have been turned and sewed together – this way it is easier to carry the stool back home from the shop in a bag rather than in a carton box. The bag can be carried in the hand or be adjusted
with a string in a drawstring hem, so that it turns into a backpack. Later this nice bag can be used as a laundry bag, for a beach trip or simply as a shopping bag.

Warning is for everyday use and is a sculpture or a functional piece of jewellery in the room. Available in bright natural ash or black stained ash.
Design: Linn Anna Bjørk.