Waka, a seating furniture to drift away on by David Trubridge – Offecct

In his second collaboration with Offecct, David Trubridge has now created an inviting, open piece of seating furniture. Waka is a place for meetings, or for rest where you can let your mind drift away for a moment.

Originally developed in Offecct Lab, Waka is now joining our standard collection. This innovative furniture, designed by David Trubridge, invites people to use it as open seating, a place for creative meetings or a place to rest.

”The inspiration for Waka goes all the way back to the 1970s when I studied to become a naval architect. The furniture is derived from the lines in a boat construction and gives the impression of something that floats, something dreamlike that you can drift away on”, says David Trubridge.

The body of Waka is almost three metres long, broad at the centre and tapered at both ends, giving it a distinctive character, creating space for several people. The shell is upholstered with a quilted pattern.

Waka can be placed in an open office landscape, or can stand as a beautiful, imaginative solo piece in a lobby or reception area.

“This is a combination of industrial design and craftsmanship that reflects Offecct’s design philosophy – a product that is both eyecatching and functional”, says Offecct’s brand manager Maria Olofsson.