w222 Focal – Highly professional, yet anything but impersonal by David Chipperfield – Wästberg

w222 Focal
Technical warmth

Highly professional, yet anything but impersonal – w222 Focal has been created to not only deliver exceptional focal light, but also to enrich its surroundings with a design that is both clearly architectonic and warmly appealing. It cleverly merges the square and circle into an archetypal whole that feels familiar but also interesting. With its understated grace and simple installation, w222 Focal effortlessly adapts to all kinds of spaces and aesthetics. Design by David Chipperfield.



Understated grace
w222 Focal’s aesthetics are designed to enhance without necessarily being noticed – and to be appreciated by those who do notice them. Its balanced fusion of a square and a circle creates a shape that is architectonic and competent, yet still warm and human.

Focal illumination
The optic lens of w222 Focal has been specifically developed to take focal illumination to a whole new level. Put on a full-spectrum COB LED, it creates a clearly defined light that is remarkably rich and crisp.

Full-spectrum LED
Designed to recreate the full, uninterrupted colour spectrum of sunlight, full-spectrum light has a rich, profound quality that is impossible to achieve with the limited spectrum of a standard LED. Full-spectrum light also offers superior colour rendering, making it an ideal choice for environments where correct colour perception is a vital aspect.

Highly versatile
In addition to the main ceiling-mounted version, w222 Focal can be wall-mounted or suspended – allowing for a wide variety of creative solutions. Its subtlety and refined lines make it an ideal complement to a wide range of settings.