Vitrine Transparent TV by Daniel Rybakken – Panasonic

Vitrine Transparent TV by Daniel Rybakken – Panasonic

Vitrine (Panasonic 2019)

Transparent OLED TV by Daniel Rybakken and Panasonic Design for Panasonic, premiered during Salone del Mobile 2019 at Vitra.

For the past two years, Panasonic has collaborated with the internationally renowned furniture company Vitra and the Scandinavian designer Daniel Rybakken – sharing ideas and insights on how to deploy new technologies in order to build inspirational environments.

As a result, at this year’s Salone del Mobile, we present the transparent OLED design concept ‘Vitrine’. Designed by Daniel Rybakken and Panasonic Design Kyoto and named after the glass showcase typology, Vitrine is a part of glass presented in a wooden frame that can transform from something ambient to something vivid, from something meant to be seen into something that is meant to be watched. It blends naturally into any contemporary living space. The moment the device is switched on it transforms into a vivid OLED TV.

The design sources materials of wood, metal and glass with no physical front or back, allowing it to be placed freely and seamlessly in any space.

“As a screen it no longer dictates its placement nor its role in the living space. The dominating large black surface is instead transformed into something that can highlight what’s behind, what’s displayed or nothing at all.” Daniel Rybakken