Versatile Capa creates a new look for various spaces – Martela

The new Capa locker cabinet is a modular system that adapts to various spaces and needs. Capa’s simple and distinct design means it is well-suited to a variety of spaces, and its modular structure means it can be designed to perfectly meet the requirements of its users and environment.

Capa can have a different look and feel depending on the combination of doors, sizes, colours and materials selected.

“The idea was to create a storage system, which is as versatile as possible, meets various needs and serves not only as a storage system but also to divide and give structure to a space,” says Iiro Viljanen, the designer of the product.

As there are storage towers of different heights to choose from, it is possible to create not only a cabinet of uniform height, but a storage system with varying heights. The locker heights can also be selected according to the storage needs. Doors of all sizes come with or without locks.

As people often also want storage space for their coats in the lockers, coat racks equipped with hanger bars and with or without doors are available for storing clothes.

Owing to the extensive selection of accessories, Capa is very versatile and well-suited for many kinds of spaces. Seat cushions can be used to turn part of the locker cabinet into a seat, and frames for plants are another element adding to the appearance. As there are several colours and materials to choose from Capa can be used in a versatile way in various environments.