Verner carefully and responsible designed by Lars Hofsjö – David design

We wanted to do a tribute to the Scandinavian design classics and it´s icons. The result is Verner. Carefully and responsible designed by Lars Hofsjö. A full upholstered furniture that connect the fabric or leather to ground. Practical function such as separate seat and backrest with a distance, that means you can use individual choice of fabrics or leather. Possible to reupholster each part when needed.

Verner includes a comfy sofa for two friends, a wider armchair or if you like a loveseat for two real close friends and a smaller armchair if you need a little space alone. All of them are produced with focus on sustainability. They are produced with least possible impact of the environment and off course made by renewable materials. But let us also focus on the durability of the design which we mean should last for years over generation. That is what we call sustainable in real. Look at excellent comfort and shape in all details.

Welcome to Verner, with love for the Scandinavian designhistory.