Vang chair design by Andreas Engesvik – Tonning Møbler

We started developing the wooden chair – Vang – in the fall of 2010. It is produced by the traditional handicraft factory Tonning, which since 1946 has been located in Stryn, amongst fjords and mountains west in Norway. They have a reputation for making high quality handcrafted furniture. Tonning is also known for it´s cooperation with Norwegian designer Alf Sture in the 1960s and 70s. Many of these models still represent the basis in the Tonning collection.

The Vang series is planned as a collection. The first ones out is the wooden chair, and a dining table in solid oak. The table is crafted with a table top extension mechanism and embedded inlays.

The wooden chair in the Vang series is built and constructed around a sturdy encompassing framework. The uprights that form the backrest and the way they are connected to the seat, is a theme that comes directly from Alf Sture´s Windsor chairs, designed for Tonning in the 1960s. The stick-back-theme is reworked to fit into a modern context.

The steam-bent top-piece, that has been used by a number of designers through the years, is today recognized as a classic scandinavian design element. Originally this motif came from China. The top-piece was common in chairs from the Ming period.
The technique is traditional; joint fittings and glue.

The Vang chair was launched at the new norwegian exhibition during London Design Festival, September 2012.

Chair meassures: H: 743mm x W: 515 mm x D: 512 mm. Sitting height: 450 mm.

Table Meassures: L: 1980 mm x W: 1020 mm x H: 745 mm. Extended table length: 2980 mm

Design: Andreas Engesvik, Oslo

Project assistant: Junior designer Martin Nichols

Manufacturer: Tonning Møbler