Ung Svensk Form 2022 @ Form/Design Center

18 Nov 2022 – 15 Jan 2023

The Young Swedish Design exhibition 2022 shows 25 projects by young designers who will in some way help to change and improve the future. They do it with furniture, fashion, architecture, industrial design, graphic design, art and crafts. But above all, they do it with their hearts. The exhibition opens with a vernissage on Friday 18 November at 5 pm.

Young Swedish Design 2022 has a power and energy that inspires and strives to bring about change. With great craftsmanship, creativity and a sense for materials, on show here is the latest and most innovative in young Swedish design. Filtered down from hundreds of applications from across Sweden, Young Swedish Design 2022 presents a selection of 25 entries.

Young Swedish Design is an annual award judged by a jury, and also a touring exhibition, established in
1998 to increase and broaden knowledge about young, innovative Swedish design. Young Swedish Design
serves an important purpose as a forum for designers, industry, the public and media, highlighting key questions and messages while allowing free exploration and the crossing of boundaries.

The project’s partners award several scholarships, and the exhibition goes on tour around Sweden. Many previous winners are now well established in their particular fields.

Young Swedish Design 2022 invites visitors to meet the design stars of the future. Welcome!


Since the beginning in 1998, Young Swedish Design has become the most important forum for young designers at the start of their careers. This year, more than 350 talented designers submitted applications for the prestigious award. Here are the 25 entries painstakingly selected by the jury:

  • MISC. Studio
  • Joséphine Rapp Thomas (tilldelad Arvets resestipendium)
  • Kalabalik
  • Ali Akbari
  • Lotta Sahlin
  • Gustav Winsth (tilldelad Lammhults utställningsstipendium)
  • Kajsa Willumsen
  • Ingrid Segring Björklund (tilldelad Svenskt Träs resestipendium)
  • Hanna Linnea Ryd (tilldelad Massive Entertainments arbetsstipendium)
  • Hanna Hjalmarsson
  • Matthew Ashton
  • Malin Pierre
  • Gergely Kovacs (tilldelad Kvadrats stipendium)
  • Elinor Parra
  • Vidar Francke
  • Klara Gardtman
  • Kajsa Bornedal
  • Klara Knutsson  (tilldelad Svenskt Träs resestipendium)
  • Matilda Hunyadi (tilldelad IKEAs arbetsstipendium och Svenskt Träs resestipendium)
  • Andreas Berggren (tilldelad Svenskt Träs resestipendium)
  • Klara Helin
  • Therése Sirenius
  • Vendela Wetterström
  • Elsa Unnegård (tilldelad Svenskt Träs resestipendium)


  • Samir Alj Fält – Designer and founder of Design Lab S in Skärholmen
  • Parasto Backman – Graphic designer and founder of Studio Parasto Backman, Senior Lecturer at Konstfack
  • Caroline B. Le Bongoat – Business Development Manager, Creative Industries City of Malmö
  • Johan Deurell – Curator, the Röhsska Museum
  • Linnéa Therese Dimitriou – Artist and Creative Director
  • Demian Horst – Director of Strategic Collaboration, MFA Programme Director, Trans- portation Design, Umeå Institute of Design
  • Henrik Johansson – Director, Commercial Research & Development på Spotify
  • Åsa Jungnelius – Artist, Senior Lecturer at Konstfack
  • Anna Lidström – Designer and researcher at Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås
  • Eva Lilja Löwenhielm – Design Manager, IKEA of Sweden
  • Petra Lilja – Industrial designer, curator and doctoral student at Konstfack
  • Tor Lindstrand – Architect and co-owner at LLP arkitektkontor, Senior Lecturer at Konstfack
  • Maria Patomella – Curator & Exhibition Manager, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
  • Johanna Sjögren Duthy – Manager public activities, Form/Design Center in Malmö
  • Petter Sydow – Producer Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora at Massive Entertainment
  • Bea Szenfeld – Fashion designer and lecturer
  • Andreas Säfström – Head of Design & User Experience, Ericsson
  • Mats Widbom – Architect and CEO, Svensk Form