Ung Svensk Form 2021 @ Form/Design Center

13 Nov 2021 – 16 Jan 2022

Ung Svensk Form (Young Swedish Design) has a power and energy that are inspirational and eager to create change. Featuring skilled craftsmanship and an intuitive sense for materials, it shows what is happening within the young Swedish design scene of today.

Ung Svensk Form is an annual juried award and travelling exhibition that aims to increase and disseminate knowledge about young and innovative Swedish design. It focuses on the need to be able to create and explore freely, without any requirement to adapt the results to the market. Interdisciplinary work is encouraged. Scholarships are awarded to selected designers who have performed particularly well. Ung Svensk Form plays an important role as a forum for the emergence of encounters between designers, manufacturers and the public.

The project began in 1998 at the initiative of Svensk Form (The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) and Form/Design Center in Malmö, and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018. Many participants from previous years are now well established in their respective fields.

–The diversity of expressions, techniques and stories is great in this year’s edition of Young Swedish Form, which invites visitors to reflect on what design can do for people and societies today. I am both happy and proud that the exhibition can soon meet its audience at the Form/Design Center in Malmö, where the very first round of the award saw the light of day back in 1998. /Mats Widbom, CEO Svensk Form 

Several attractive scholarships are attached to Ung Svensk Form. The new scholarship providers in 2021 are Ericsson and Massive Entertainment, which complement the existing scholarships from IKEA, Lammhults Möbel, Kvadrat, Arvet and Stiftelsen för Garverinäringens Främjande.



Albin Karlsson & Johanna Jonsson, Alexandra Fransson & Jacob Alm Andersson, Alexandra Friberg, Anton Brunberg, Anton Kreü, Antonia Pihl, Asli Abdulrahman, Emma K Gudmundson, Gustaf Montelius, Jakob Skote, Max Čelar & Sebastian Dahlqvist, Johanna Wälivaara, Kalle Hellmark & Angelina Kjellén, Linn Henrichson, Marie Isacsson, Mathilda Karlsson, Mirjam Hemström, Mårten Tovle, Qian Jiang, Rasmus Nossbring, Rasmus Steyner Randén, Rebekka Quiroz Wiberg, Sigrid Schiøtz Olsen, Studio Lampent, Therese Isabelle Olsson och Vasily Sitnikov.


Samir Alj Fält, Parasto Backman, Caroline B. Le Bongoat, Johan Deurell, Linnéa Therese Dimitriou, Salka Hallström, Demian Horst, Åsa Jungnelius, Henrik Johansson, Nike Karlsson, Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, Petra Lilja, Tor Lindstrand, Maria Patomella, David Polfeldt, Bea Szenfeld, Andreas Säfström och Mats Widbom.