Ung Svensk Form 2018 @ Form/Design Center

Ung Svensk Form 2018 @ Form/Design Center



Discover the most exciting young Swedish design right now! The exhibition presents unique works in a range of different disciplines from fashion and product design to crafts and architecture. Ung Svensk Form celebrates this year’s 20th anniversary.

Ung Svensk Form is an annual jury-rated award that increases the knowledge and widening the scope of new, innovative Swedish design; helping it reach new audiences. The exhibition is organised by Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) and tours both in Sweden and abroad. Ung Svensk Form is an arena for young Swedish design – one that showcases the need to make space for creativity in working with design. To believe in an idea and to implement it. To dare to play, to try things out, and to explore freely, without having to adapt to market demands.

Ung Svensk Form is organised by Svensk Form (The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) in cooperation with IKEA, the City of Malmö and ArkDes. The project was initiated by Svensk Form and Form/Design Center in 1998 and celebrates this year’s 20th anniversary!

This year’s edition of Ung Svensk Form clearly shows how today the borders between art, crafts and design are more and more open,” says Mats Widbom, Managing Director of Svensk Form.

All the selected participants in Ung Svensk Form 2018

  • Matilda Norberg, Earth’s Crust – Material rules, Winner of the Stiftelsen för Garverinäringens Främjande scholarship
  • Jennifer Bergkvist, Form & Formalia
  • Kyung-Jin Cho, Swing jam
  • Anna Sjöberg & Malin Berglund, Cell – from one piece to a whole system
  • Isa Andersson, In/Visible Power
  • Victor Alge, Alces Alces
  • Björn Friborg, Implosion
  • Daniela Juvall, Östberga Type
  • Josefine Gennert Jakobsson, Mural Dressing
  • Alecsander Rothschild, Love Letter
  • Sophie Hardy, Object of Value
  • Amanda Borgfors Mészàros, Global Nomad
  • Kristin Larsson, Hybriderna
  • Hemmo Honkonen, Möbler som låter
  • Alvina Jakobsson, KläOm
  • Emma Brålander, Färg, illusion och komposition
  • Julia Westerberg, Gal Pals in Print
  • Per Nadén & Anton Kolbe, Villa Idun-Lee, winner of the IKEA scholarship
  • Martina Skyttberg, Över isen
  • Emelie Kasholm, Maybeday
  • Mariana Silva Varela, Gränslös folkdräkt
  • Andrej Malinin, Det är inte som det ser ut
  • Rebecca Petrini & Joel Fjällström, Mammut, Winner of the KVADRAT scholarship
  • Linnéa Olmarken, Under huden aka.The Pig
  • Anna Pers Bräcke, Fett fett
  • Agga Anne Mette Stage, BodySoapName-Generator.com
  • Benedetta Crippa, World of Desire
  • Ida Pettersson, Astral Grid
  • Karin Matz & Helen Runting, Secretary, Winner of the FOLKHEM scholarship

The juryn for Ung Svensk Form 2018

  • Samir Alj Fält – Designer at Design Lab S in Skärholmen
  • Parasto Backman – Studio Parasto Backman is a Stockholm based graphic design studio. Alongside the studio practice Parasto also teach and tutors at Konstfack University College of Art (Photo above by: Märta Thisner)
  • Margarita Bergfeldt Matiz – Industrial designer MFA and art and design curator for international exhibitions
  • Marcus Engman – Head of Design at IKEA
  • Salka Hallström Bornold – Journalist at Form Magazine
  • Tom Hedqvist – Designer, former dean at Beckmans Collage of Design and director of Rhösska in Gothenburg.
  • Åsa Jungnelius – Glass designer
  • Henrik Johansson – Director, Commercial Research & Development @Spotify
  • Kenneth Kvarnström – one of Scandinavia’s foremost choreographers, dance director at Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern
  • Petra Lilja – Industrial designer
  • Tor Lindstrand – Architect and Associate Professor at KTH School of Architecture
  • Kieran Long – Director, ArkDes
  • David Polfeldt – Managing Director at Massive Entertainment – A Ubisoft studio
  • Bea Szenfeld – Fashion designer
  • Bolle Tham –  Architect and founder of Tham & Videgård Architects

This year’s Ung Svensk Form scholarship winners
IKEA offers a working grant with salary and accommodation for 5 months in Älmhult at IKEA of Sweden. This year, the IKEA scholars is awarded Anton Kollbe and Per Nadén with the contribution Villa Idun-Lee.

Stiftelsen för Garverinäringens Främjande (the industry organisation for Swedish tanneries) presents a scholarship for SEK 50,000. This year’s winner is Matilda Norberg for her entry Earth’s Crust – Material rules.

Folkhem will grant one scholar with 100 000 SEK within architecture. This year’s scholarship is awarded Karin Matz and Helen Runting with the contribution Secretary.

Folkhem presents a scholarship in architecture for SEK 100,000. This year’s winners are Karin Matz and Helen Runting for their entry Secretary.

In 2018 the Japanese company Askul established a new special scholarship to mark 150 years of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan. The scholarship involves close collaboration with Askul plus a trip to Japan. This year’s winner is Karin Andersson.

Kvadrat presents a scholarship which consists of materials, a cash sum, and an exhibition in Kvadrat’s showroom in Stockholm. This year’s scholarship is awarded Rebecca Petrini and Joel Fjällström with the contribution Mammut.

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Photo: Nicho Södling