Unfolds @ Designmuseum Danmark

Unfolds @ Designmuseum Danmark

Smell, touch and listen to the art of cabinet making

An exhibition of original works by the Danish Cabinetmakers Association.

The exhibition runs from 24 February to 14 May 2017.

Designmuseum Danmark is ready to switch on your senses in the exhibition, UNFOLDS. The exhibition presents 25 unique works created by some of the country’s most skilled cabinetmakers, all of who have used the cube as their frame of reference. The exhibition marks the 25th anniversary of the Danish Cabinetmakers’ Association. You will not be able to restrain yourself in the face of 31 cabinetmakers unfoldingin the literal sense of the word, when Designmuseum Danmark opens the exhibition, UNFOLDS. Visitors are invited to enjoy a close encounter with 25 works created specially for the exhibition. In contrast to the usual museum rules, visitors are encouraged to touch the works. The brief from the Danish Cabinetmakers

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Association to its members consisted of four creative principles:

– all the works should be cube-shaped and measure 1:1:1
– all the works should be resilient enough for museum visitors to touch them
– the cubes should contain an element of silver
– the cubes should unfold in some sort of way.

Anyone with a passion for, and understanding of the craft of cabinetmaking knows that the best way to perceive and understand a piece of furniture is to use one’s fingers. In the exhibition, visitors will have an opportunity to get close to works created by the most talented cabinetmakers in Denmark. They can touch them and unfold them, which is highly unusual in a museum exhibition. The mission of the museum has always been to spread knowledge of excellent craftsmanship. Given that the interest in craftsmanship is greater than it has been for several decades, we believe that this exhibition comes at the perfect time, says Christian Holmsted Olesen, Head of Exhibitions and Collections.

The principles of cabinetmaking

The sensuous aspect plays a major role in the exhibition. And the best way to explore the works is by touching them. We have worked according to some of the principles, which are part and parcel of the history of cabinetmaking. In order to highlight the wood, its finish,surface and processing in a purely technical sense, we have stuck to the craftsmanship, which is the essence of our profession. Everything we do stems from the material, says Finn Killbuck who is General Manager of the carpentry workshop at Amalienborg. For the exhibition, he has created a so-called fragrance cube comprising 16 small boxes, which you can take out and smell. If the scent of the wood disappears, visitors have to plane the wood themselves.

A slow pace

UNFOLDS is an exhibition that expects something of its visitors. If you want to get the full effect, you need to take the time to interact with the works. Guests will get a real sense of the p assion that cabinetmakers have for craftsmanship and wood.
The idea is for visitors to slow down a bit as they enter the exhibition. You need to get really close to the wooden cubes to sense the passion, and the hours of love, blood, sweat and tears that have gone into each and every work, says the cabinetmaker, Teis Dich Abrahamsen, who has made a ball track – for the exhibition.

The exhibition runs until 14 May 2017.


Nikolina Olsen-Rule, Head of Communications, nor@designmuseum.dk
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The Danish Cabinetmakers
Association Chairman of the Danish Cabinetmakers Association, Finn Kilbuck, killbuck@me.com