Tulipan is a new type of soft enclosure design by Industrial Facility for +Halle

Tulipan is a new type of soft enclosure, a piece of furniture that offers a moment of separateness without the feeling of closing the door on its surroundings. Developed by London-based design studio Industrial Facility in response to the Annual Briefing on ‘defining’, Tulipan suggests a softer form for private space in the open plan. It’s not a room per se. Neither is it a phone booth. Instead, it’s a micro-quiet space where a comfortable seat and a small table work together to form an imminent architectural element.

Designed by Industrial Facility for +Halle


Industrial Facility
London-based studio Industrial Facility was co-founded in 2002 by designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin. Their approach reflects both a thoughtful consideration of form and a unique understanding of contemporary life, creating beauty out of utility in the products, furniture and exhibitions they design.