Tornado a clothes stand with a strong graphic expression and clear identity by Alexander Lervik – Johanson

TORNADO – a clothes stand with a strong graphic expression and clear identity

Designed by Alexander Lervik, TORNADO is a new, practical and smart clothes stand in Johanson’s collection.

Alexander“My first idea for the product came to me 10 years ago when I was creating sketches for a laundry rack. I had started with di erent types of spirals and ended up with a combination of a spiral and a tornado. Quite some time later I realized that the best thing to do would be to make it into a clothes stand. The form of a tornado creates an ideal shape on which coats can be hung from the centre outwards. The outer garments are hung higher and higher up and further and further out,” says Alexander Lervik.

TORNADO is designed for both commercial and private environments. It has a strong graphic expression and provides a neat method of storage for outdoor garments in both large and limited spaces.

TORNADO is available in 194 RAL colours. Until 2015, Johanson could o er 192 RAL colours. Now the choice has been increased to 194 colours thanks to the addition of two metallic colours, 1036 gold and 8029 copper.

The collaboration between Lervik and Johanson is just one of many over recent years. TORNADO is made entirely in Sweden and is manufactured at Johanson’s production plant in Markaryd.

Design Alexander Lervik