The Swoon Collection by Space Copenhagen – Fredericia

We are pleased to welcome two siblings to the Swoon Series, which broaden their appeal to even more venues.

Swoon embodies the ultimate intention of the award-winning design duo at Space Copenhagen. It reflects their poetic approach to modernism, organic shapes and the desire to create designs that encourage you to enjoy life at a slow pace.

Following the success of the original Swoon Lounge designed for the exclusive 11 Howard Hotel in New York, we’ve expanded the Swoon Series to be able to bring soft sophistication to even more applications within hotels, lobbies, lounges, private homes and executive environments.

Look for the same casual take on elegance in the Swoon Lounge Petit. Slightly smaller in size, it features a high back designed at a more upright angle. The result is a chair that invites you to relax and unwind, while at the same time making it comfortable for conversations or working on your laptop. The armrests are ample in size and merge with the seat and back to form one entity that naturally fits the body. Enjoy the seat and back cushions, choice of wood base and you have numerous options for comfort in style.

Meanwhile, the Swoon Chair echoes the same look except it’s more compact and even smaller in size. Upright but with a lower back than the lounge versions, the Swoon Chair opens up opportunities for making a sculptural statement in all types of settings within hospitality and corporate sectors. A truly comfortable chair with the same options for the base, our array of leathers and fabrics let you decide on a colour scheme that stands out or blends in.

Structured yet soft, sculptural yet functional, the Swoon Lounge Petit and Swoon Chair reflect an aesthetic that’s makes relaxing in style timeless and universal.

“Our intuitive approach is all about distinctive designs shaped by circumstances, reflecting our passion to create pieces that embody a slower pace. A slow aesthetic that centres on quality, longevity and the human condition.”

– Space Copenhagen