The story of the Block loveseat is a classic tale of boy meets girl by Atelier Alba – Fogia

Designed with Atelier Alba

The story of the Block loveseat is a classic tale of boy meets girl. Or, in this case, emerging architecture studio randomly meets progressively innovative Swedish design producer. The rest as they say is history.

Swedish architecture and design studio, Atelier Alba had used a few of Fogia’s Barbas in its projects and had completed Block as a bespoke piece of furniture for its office. Upon visiting the studio and seeing the chair, a friend of the studio suggested it send a pitch to Fogia; believing it to be a great fit – especially given the existing relationship the studio had with Fogia. It was hard to deny such a claim and we instantly fell in love with the little chair with its beaming personality.

Atelier Alba is interested in designing in a way that twists and challenges proportions and balance. Block is no different, and there’s a feeling that something is not quite as it should be, not quite right. Similarly, much focus has been focused on ensuring that the chair has a strong aesthetic from all its sides – always something nice to look at. And, while the piece was created originally especially for a little nook in Atelier Alba’s studio, Fogia and Atelier Alba felt there was something unique about its proportions that should be left how they were. So, all pieces are based exactly around that first bespoke model.