The Rose Chair – Massproductions

The Rose Chair – Massproductions

Rose Chair from Massproductions
– A challenge for technology and material

During the Stockholm Design Week 2018, Massproductions will launch the Rose Chair, designed by Chris Martin. New technologies in industrial production enabled the development of the elegant lounge chair that proved challenging both in form and material.

– “When I started the design process, I aimed for a piece of statement furniture that would exert a dominant presence in a room and speak for itself,” said Chris Martin, Chief of Design at Massproductions.

The design process at Massproductions is often initiated by a question or a challenge. In this case Chris Martin wanted to work with solely layered wood, challenging both the material and the available industrial production technology.

A new development method for the furniture industry was put to the test during the production of the Rose Chair. With the help of large-scale 3D printing, various life size prototypes were created. This process was both expensive and time consuming, but at the same time it created valuable insights early on in the design process.

– “We want to create products that last, both functionally and aesthetically. With the Rose Chair we have produced a full-scale 3D print for the very first time, which has given us the opportunity to assess the product at an earlier stage of the process than before. The advantage of working with real-scale prototypes is that you can get an idea of how the product interacts with the space it is placed in,” said Chris Martin.

Chris Martin decided that his next chair would be named after his daughter Rose, other products in the Massproductions collection have been named after children of the co-founders before.

– “At first I thought it would be difficult to design a product with the name Rose, because the name would be strongly associated with the shape of a rose. In the end this product seems like a perfect embodiment of a flower, given it’s petal like features, but that was not thought of in the beginning! The name was, and is still, just a tribute to my daughter Rose.”

About Massproductions
The international furniture company
Massproductions was founded in 2009 by
the Swedish designer Magnus Elebäck,
and the British designer Chris Martin.
The name, Massproductions, reflects the
founders’ idea of using industrial production
to create responsible and sustainable
high-quality furniture. Massproductions
produces and designs according to the
“form follows function” philosophy, with
the focus always being on the design process.
Both in 2016 and 2017 the company
has been granted with prestigious awards
like Designer- and Producer of the Year by
different magazines. Today the company
has its office and studio in Hammarby
Sjöstad, Stockholm.