The Picnic furniture series in solid white ash with metal fixings by Marie Oscarsson – Materia

PICNIC stool/bench/table/metal box.
Design: Marie Oscarsson

The Picnic furniture series in solid white pigmented ash with metal fixings in Colours by Materia (CbM*) powder coating, gives a robust and playful impression. Picnic is particularly suitable for the school’s lunch restaurant or as a meeting place in the office. The table has a straight side and a rounded side, making it easy to furnish with the straight side against a wall and the rounded side out into the room. The bench seat follows the same shape and has an optional grey felt pad for increased sitting comfort. The pad is easily attached to the underside of the bench using velcro. With a stool or two in the same finish, the table’s short ends can be used for additional seating. For the Picnic series there is also a designed metal box with four electrical or USB sockets connected with a black and white textile cable. The box also comes empty for potted plants, cutlery, spices, note pads and pens.

*CbM = beige, mustard yellow, dusty pink, rusty red, burgundy red, blue grey, green, grey, dark grey, black, white.