The Peace Chair nods to archetypal Adirondack chairs of the past – Vaarnii

Introducing 015 Peace Outdoor Lounge Chair and Footstool
With extreme proportions and explicit ergonomics, this uncompromising outdoor chair by Faye Toogood is pine furniture at its most constructive. Its low profile hugs the earth, a high back provides seclusion and support, and a wide seat and broad armrests offer ultimate sitting comfort.

“It is for rest, reading, contemplation, solitary pursuits more than social gathering. Once positioned in a choice location outdoors it should become a place to visit, to relax and breathe, whilst immersed in nature.” – Faye Toogood



“As a studio we felt a real connection to the pine. We often use raw, honest materials; canvas, clay, wire, paper, card. These are essential materials for making and pine has similar qualities. The pine was incredible, so beautiful, to work with”.  – Faye Toogood

The Peace Chair nods to archetypal Adirondack chairs of the past. But it is the generous use of weather resistant heat-treated pine and its timeless profile that gives Peace its longevity. Peace is destined for a special position under open skies. There it can slowly and beautifully age, remaining a permanent and dependable refuge for generations to come.

Made in Finland of Finnish pine.