The nominations for Greenhouse Best Performance are in

Best Performance – Selected by the Greenhouse Jury is an award aimed at encouraging and spurring on the exhibitors in the Greenhouse section of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The distinguished jury assesses the exhibitors’ performance based on the Greenhouse’s key words – curiosity, innovation and sustainability. In a new departure this year, the jury has nominated five exhibitors for Best Performance based on the application material that everyone submitted in advance.

The award for Best Performance – Selected by the Greenhouse Jury has been issued since 2019 in collaboration with Volvo Studio. The winner will receive SEK 50,000, and the award ceremony will be held at 9.30 am on February 5 in the Greenhouse Bar.

The nominees to Greenhouse Best Performance 2020 are:



Caspar Reuterswärd

Fleen Design

Studio Jonas Lutz

“What is most striking about this year’s Greenhouse exhibitors is their international nature. It’s a wonderful mix of exhibitors from many different countries, the like of which we haven’t seen before,” says Greenhouse jury chair Jens Fager.

What was the most difficult thing about selecting the nominees for Best Performance?
“The biggest challenge is knowing that our decision will inform the direction of the industry and of future designers. It’s a tricky and important choice that we hope will inspire future talent and showcase those who have taken a clear stance on issues such as sustainability and the environment.”