The mother of Woodnotes, textile artist & master colorist Ritva Puotila found a new timeless green for paper yarn – Woodnotes

Milan calling!
At this year’s Salone Del Mobile in Milan, we will share a stand with our sister company Nikari. Responsibility has always been essential to Woodnotes’ operations, and this year, when developing new products, we have emphasized the principles of sustainable development even more. We’re happy and excited to bring our novelties to Milan.

The mother of Woodnotes, textile artist and master colorist Ritva Puotila, found a new, timeless green for paper yarn. Aspen green is now woven into the San Francisco carpet, combined with earthy shades of brown. In the Coast carpets, the aspen green is paired with the bright light gray of a cloudless spring sky and the strong onyx green that takes you to the autumn landscape.


The Willow carpet, designed by the design agency Claesson Koivisto Rune and presented in Milan last year, comes in three new beautifully natural color combinations: natural-willow, black-natural, and warm willow-natural. The ancient and natural dye, willow bark, has been used in the dyeing of the paper yarn, hence the name of the rug, Willow.


A year ago, the k chair family got an extension in the form of a star-based k chair and ottoman. This spring in Milan, we are presenting a new outfit for the star-based k chair: the chair is upholstered in a natural-toned Sand fabric. Originally launched in 2004, the k chair is a beloved modern classic designed by Harri Koskinen. The original tubular framed version was soon followed by the swiveling chair, then with added armrests and now the star-based version. “Ever since the first prototype, we’ve found that this is going to be the best version of the k chair yet,” Koskinen says.