The Mindcraft Project 2021

Welcome to The Mindcraft Project 2021 digital exhibition. The combination of the words ‘Mind’ and ‘Craft’ highlights the essence of the selected designers and studios.

Experimental, forward-thinking and conceptual design approaches blend with excellent craftsmanship and material knowledge.


In 2021, due to the current international limitations and constraints, we have experimented with a digital exhibition format for the second time. The curated selection in The Mindcraft Project 2021 stretches across new digital fabrication methods and traditional refined craftsmanship as we present ten pioneering designers and studios with individual designer pages, videos, AR and a 3D experience.

The Mindcraft Project is a platform for explorative and experimental design from Denmark. Through communication and exhibitions, the ongoing project addresses issues of future relevance in a meeting between design, craftsmanship, art, architecture and technology.


Photo: Anders Sune Berg