The Margas series lends a sculptural simplicity to interiors by Louise Liljencrantz – &Tradition

Interesting from every angle, the Margas series lends a sculptural simplicity to interiors.

While working on a residential project for a private client, award-winning interior designer Louise Liljencrantz decided she needed a sofa that could hold court in the centre of the room. Named after her beloved grandmother, Marga von Dardel, who Liljencrantz credits as the most important role model in her life, this elegant lounge chair and two-seater sofa promise to become fundamental in adding warmth and ease to an interior.

“My grandmother was an extraordinary person,” says Liljencrantz of the woman who inspired the collection. “She was always in her lounge chair by the window smoking cigarettes. I came to visit her almost every week and we sat there together talking for hours and hours.”

Born and raised in Stockholm, Liljencrantz’s understated aesthetic pays homage to her Scandinavian heritage. While she embraces simplicity, her love of strong lines and warm textures is displayed in Margas, which sees a solid curved frame covered in upholstery and supported by short wooden legs in oak or walnut. Available as a lounge chair with the option of a swivel base, or as a two-seater sofa, Margas makes an ideal addition to both private homes and public spaces ranging from hotel lobbies to upscale offices.

“Contemporary yet classic, the Margas reflects Louise Liljencrantz’s remarkable ability to transform an interior with standout pieces,” says &Tradition founder and CEO Martin Kornbek Hansen. “We are delighted to introduce her designs to &Tradition and expect they will be much sought after.”