The Lyon sofa a design with an inviting ergonomics by Jesper Ståhl – Byarums Bruk

Lyon is a ground-anchored sofa for public outdoor spaces. Lyon combines modern design with traditional craftsmanship, inspired by the power and resilience of nature captured in an aluminum-cast gable – a design with an inviting ergonomics. With its flirtation with the classic fern-like sofa but based on modern needs in seat height, generous armrests, and ground anchoring via casting or bolting to the ground, Lyon looks both backwards and forwards. Lyon continues the tradition of the art of aluminium castings and becomes a jewel in the public space. The wooden pieces are all the same profile for all eleven pieces, mounted to follow the soft curves. With Lyon, Byarum gets its first sofa for ground anchoring with its advantages in maintenance.

Lyon was launched in 2023 and targets Byarum’s primary audience in landscape architects and urban planners, for urban environments, parks, and cemeteries. Lyon has already gained attention and appreciation for how the design meets clear modern needs while adding something completely new but still familiar, clearly created with care and attention to details.

Lyon is made in Byarum, Småland, hand-cast in 100% recycled aluminum, a modern craft. Also the wood is local. At Byarums Bruk, they stick to a traditional and artisanal production of aluminum castings. All shaping is done in raw sand that is reused. Products are cast in a mold made of sand, clay, soot, and water, completely free of chemical binders. Sustainability and longevity for real.

“The Lyon sofa in recycled aluminum combines a poetic expression with modern needs such as ergonomics and anchoring to the ground. An industrial craft with a design that captures the power of nature”

Design by Jesper Ståhl