The Linear System Series places people at its center by Thomas Bentzen – muuto

“The Linear System Series places people at its center, being a space to meet, to collaborate or to work in focused solitude. The design process was about creating a system that made for intimately welcoming atmospheres, enhanced by the expression and functionality of its lighting and accessories. With its warm materiality and modern expression, the Linear System Series brings feelings of home into larger spaces to give the user a sense of belonging, even if being there only for a little while.”
— Thomas Bentzen

The Linear System Series brings a new perspective to the evolving needs of the modern workspace, hospitality settings and educational institutions through its configurable design across tables, lighting, screens and trays alongside its custom integrated power solution, allowing one to tailor the design to the exact needs of any space.

Designed in the traditionally Scandinavian material of oak, the design brings feelings of home and familiarity to any space. Through its configurability, the Linear System Series can be used to create larger settings as well as intimate, smaller spaces for both solo-working and collaborative sessions.

The lighting designs for the system can be used to enhance the atmosphere while providing functional lighting for the desired setting and purpose. All Linear Lamps are dimmable.

Screens and trays are available in various sizes and are mounted into the ridge that runs down the tabletop, allowing for them to be shuffled around as functional and aesthetic needs evolve.

When configured with tables, lamps, screens and trays, the Linear System Series hints towards the archetypal library settings where users can sit down in a temporary yet personal workspace while still having a sense of atmosphere as part of a larger space.