The Jasmine acoustic panel – Offecct

New collaboration behind playful acoustic panel

Offecct offers a wide range of sound absorbing wall panels, designed by world-leading designers. The versatile collection Soundwave® not only provides a good acoustic environment, but also brings character to the interior.

The Jasmine acoustic panel is the result of the first collaboration between Italy-based product designer Layla Mehdi Pour and Offecct.

“When I designed Jasmine, I was inspired by natural elements that may seem irregular in their macro form, but in the details have a wonderful precision and regular structure. In this case, I started foremost from flowers and developed them into a concrete product with a playful character”, she says.

Solutions for creating good, sustainable sound environments in public spaces are becoming increasingly important. Jasmine’s connection to the living, natural environment can be seen as a response to the growing need to reduce noise and restore calm in, for example, offices, restaurants and other meeting places.

“I strived to capture nature´s poetic rhythm and mix it with more geometric, triangular shapes that can be combined in different ways and create new expressions and compositions,” says Layla Mehdi Pour.