The Hans Pendant XL delivers a substantial dose of iconic design by Hans-Agne Jakobsson – Vaarnii

Introducing: Hans Pendant XL

Big, brazen, and a whole lot of pine. The Hans Pendant XL delivers a substantial dose of iconic design. After re-engineering Hans-Agne Jakobsson’s characteristic sixties lighting, Vaarnii understood that the designs innovative lightweight construction could be extended even further.



1002 Hans Pendant XL
More softly filtered light, more pine surface, more imposing. The 70 cm wide 1002 Hans Pendant XL brings maximum impact to interior spaces with its brutal scale and meters of finest pine veneer. Made in Finland.



1003 Hans Pendant XL 
Maximum impact and the utmost pine. The 90 cm wide 1003 Hans Pendant XL tests the limits of lighting manufacture with its scale. Made in Finland.

The Hans series of lighting is made in Finland using solid pine for internal structure and the finest pine veneer for exterior surfaces. As every light is handmade using a natural material, each object is subject to subtle variations in symmetry. Every Hans light is therefore unique.
Pine is an especially characterful wood. As a result of naturally occurring oils and resins, pine changes colour as it ages. Vaarnii uses both pine heartwood and pine sapwood. These two different types of wood mature at different speeds, resulting in a beautifully stripped surface. This exciting patterning is a temporary stage and should be enjoyed while it occurs. Your Vaarnii pine product will gradually even out to a rich honey tone over the course of several years.