The Elements Collection new shapes and pushing the boundaries of design – Pappelina

The Elements Collection
A dynamic and vibrant ensemble that pulsates with fresh energy. The collection stands for the urge to explore new shapes and pushing the boundaries of design. Our designer has artfully balanced a spectrum of lively colors and forms to create the perfect combination that represent the spirit of the five elements in a unique Pappelina spirit.



Available in 5 colors and 5 sizes
The heartbeat of the Elements Collection. A design inspired by the ocean and the movement of its waves. The idea stemmed from creating a pattern with features and motions mirroring the dynamic energy of water. The concept of our environment’s core extended to the pattern’s next phase, resulting in the creation of five distinct rugs. Each elegantly symbolizing the diversity of materials found on Earth’s surface, the so called five elements. URVI is a repeating pattern featuring expansive color fields in each color. The tone-by-tone colors creating a harmonious interplay of nature’s diversity.



Available in 6 colors and 4 new sizes
Undergoing a subtle yet significant transformation, our designer has fine-tuned BOB to accentuate its perfect essence. Now presented as a one-piece woven rug, meaning that BOB gracefully begins and ends with the same color. In this updated version, we’ve introduced a beautiful, hemmed edge as the finishing touch. The new colors in BOB are in harmony with the spirit of the five elements, perfectly representing the The Elements collection.



New colors Linen and Walnut
Dots and stripes are cornerstones in the Pappelina design library, and HUGO is no exception. With its palette of tone-on-tone colors, HUGO has undergone a contemporary update, now featuring solid, matte colors that harmonize seamlessly with the elements of the new collection.