The distinctively Nordic feel of the Night Owl table lamp by Nicholai Wiig Hansen – Fritz Hansen

The distinctively Nordic feel of the Night Owl table lamp adds a cosy element to any room. Its gentle organic curves evoke woodland tales and magical stories. Soft ambient down-light from the oval shade brings a soothing atmosphere and balanced warmth – just right to set a bedtime mood.

The Night Owl™ table lamp designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen was born out of a desire to create a uniquely Nordic wash of light; warm, cosy and informal. Distinctive in form and appearance, the base and oval shade merge seamlessly together to form one single unit. Its personality is a unique addition to any space.

Fritz Hansen expands the Night Owl™ lamp family with two new versions: polished stainless steel and black steel.



About the designer
The influence of the artistic childhood home no doubt plays a major role in Nicholai Wiig Hansen’s approach to design. His mother was an accomplished ceramic artist and potter, and his father was the world-renowned painter and sculptor Svend Wiig Hansen. Art and design have always been an important part of Nicholai Wiig Hansen’s life. With a hard-wired curiosity, a pronounced desire to create, and great enthusiasm, Nicholai Wiig Hansen has never had any doubts that he would work as a designer. At the age of only 26, he established his own design studio. He works with many different tasks, all of which are based on his own needs and preferences.