The Dapper sofa is designed with oversized comfort and oversized character by Mattias Stenberg – mitab

The Dapper sofa is designed with oversized comfort and oversized character. Its generous cushioning hugs a robust steel skeleton and invites users to sink in to its welcoming embrace. The effortless organic form has been achieved through hours of painstaking work uniquely sculpting the cushions around the steel frame. This voluptuous upholstery compliments the slim structure, welcoming users while also bouncing back to maintain the sofa’s shape and presentability throughout the day.

Design by Mattias Stenberg.

“It was a priority to signal a warm and inviting feeling.
The flowing shapes of the cushions were used
to archive this. However, the overriding requirement
was always to have the seats be durable. By that
I mean that the sofa should require a minimum of
upkeep each day. Even if it looks and feels soft and
fluffy, we wanted it to bounce back and look just as
tidy at the end of the day.”

— Mattias Stenberg

Studio Mattias Stenberg is a mixed creative practice based in Stockholm, Sweden. Projects focus on contemporary residential architecture, furniture, lighting and everyday object design. Since the start of the practice in 2010 Mattias Stenberg has received several national and international awards and mentions for his designs, including German Design Award, Good Design Award and Nordic Designer of the Year.