The brand new FRAME table by John Pawson for Nikari

In harmony with nature

This week we’re enjoying the long-awaited Planted KX London 23-26 Sep: the world’s first zero waste contemporary design show aimed at reconnecting people and spaces with nature.


In London we’ll be launching a new table by British architect John Pawson. The first version of the FRAME table was designed by Pawson for his own family farmhouse in the Cotswolds. The FRAME collection is a great example of warm minimalism, which Pawson masters brilliantly. This is the first product by Pawson for Nikari.

”Whether at the scale of a monastery, a house, a saucepan or a ballet, everything is traceable back to a consistent set of preoccupations with mass, volume, surface, proportion, junction, geometry, repetition, light and ritual. In this way, even something as modest as a fork can become a vehicle for much broader ideas about how we live and what we value.”
John Pawson

FRAME is made of sustainably grown solid ash or oak. It is made to last for generations, with a life expectancy of more than 100 years. The wooden surface is treated with natural wood oil mix, which doesn’t harm the craftsman, environment, or the user – it makes the table easy to maintain and velvety to touch. The structure of the table is very strong and stable due to the use of traditional wooden joinery, which also brings interesting and enjoyable visual details to the design.

Toppimage: The brand new FRAME table by John Pawson and Seminar KVT1 chairs by Kari Virtanen