The Booster Grill – Röshult

The Booster Grill – Röshult

A World´s first.

Today we launch the Röshults Booster BBQ Grill. It is a charcoal grill where the glow bed is agitated by inaudible infrasound.
It combines innovative technology with our characteristic design language of sophistication and elegance.
Röshults is taking barbecuing to a whole new level.

Benefits compared to other charcoal grills:
Instead of 20-30 minutes the grill is heated up within 5-7 minutes
You can regulate the intensity of the glow bed and grilling temperature between 150°c to 350°c
It takes away flames from the glow bed when fat drips onto the charcoal
Complete cumbustion makes minimum of smoke
Consumption of charcoal is about one third of a normal charcoal grill

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In the beginning of the design process we made some basic
guidelines regarding in which direction the Booster Grill would go
regarding look and function. We wanted it to stand out and take
on a new look that communicates the function and suggests a
connection to the aesthetics of classic Hi-fidelity objects.
But at the same time it was important for the Booster grill to fit in
with the family of grills and outdoor furniture collection that Röshults
presently consists of. We therefore decided to continue working
with the same external dimensions and top-grate that all grill
modules are based on, but we change the mid sections covering
the acoustic parts and the front panel where the electric controls
are placed. We went for an all stainless body and cassettes with a
carefully selected perforated pattern for both airflow and aesthetics.
Together with the distinct volume knob and power-light-source
these alterations and details makes a fine bridge between this
new breed and the existing collection.
“Broberg & Ridderstråle, Designers”