The ballet lamps are inspired by the ballet dancers’ skirt by Poul Christiansen

The ballet lamps are inspired by the ballet dancers’ skirt, which hangs in a beautiful curve from the waist down. The parabolic-shaped curve that is formed when a leaf is held horizontally at one end and hangs freely down at the other. Gravity and the stiffness of the material shape the blade. In this way, a curve is created by nature itself. The curve inspired to put the leaves in a circle that created the parabolic shape.

Because the Ballet shade comes as a flat rosette, you will experience for yourself how the shape is formed when you elevate the shade by the cord. At the same time, the light in the Ballet is also something very special: The light from the LED light source is sent mainly downwards, but some light also seeps out between the blades and the light fades across the outside of the lamp, the lamp gets a completely unique look.

Client: Spring Copenhagen, Denmark
Material: plastic foil