Teius by Andrés Nilson – Lammhults

Swedish design company Lammhults launches Teius – a circular piece of sectional furniture designed by Andrés Nilson

Teius is designed by Andrés Nilson, one of five selected students in the X-WORKS 2.0 project run by Lammhults in 2015–2016. Design students were able to enter their own designs for the chance to have one year’s access to the Lammhults product development team and production system in order to evolve work on their product. Andrés’ contribution was chosen, and Lammhults has worked with him and is now taking his design into production.

Teius is a circular piece of sectional furniture in the form of a bench or sofa, which can be infinitely shaped and extended using connecting tables, armrests, high tables, power solutions and so on. The construction is based on an aluminium profile, and the various parts such as legs, seat, backrest etc. slide onto the profile and are simply screwed in place. The seat height can be varied between 46 and 50 cm, depending on which groove on the profile is used. It is also possible to order legs for seat height 63 cm.

The idea for Teius was based on the challenge to combine function, precision and flexibility. The freestanding bench is the foundation, and more benches, backrests, armrests and connecting tables can be added on to create different lengths of extended seating solutions, optimised for specific environments. Play with different colours of seat and back, or go for a monochrome look. The frame is always powder coated, and the recycled aluminium base comes painted or polished.

“Versatility and adaptability in combination with many different areas of use are the strength and essence of Teius,” says Andrés Nilson about his modular furniture.

Teius is suitable for environments such as waiting rooms, airports, foyers and so on.



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