Sweden’s first Économusée! – Storsjöhyttan

Artisans at Work/ÉCONOMUSÉE

Opening of Sweden’s first Économusée!
On thursday, March 21 we celebrate the opening of Storsjöhyttan AB Éconmusée. We start outside the glassworks in the harbor of Östersund at 1.00pm. There will be music, something warm to drink and an opening speech by Mr Carl Pilon from the Canadian Embassy. The festivities then continue inside the building – experience the Économusée, see the artisans at work and learn about the history of the craft, watch the exhibitions and have a look in the the new showroom!



Three different personalities

The unique studio glassware reveals the personalities of the individual designers and blowers.

Nilla Eneroth’s background in design gives her products an air of strict economy. Simplicity and balance are achieved thanks to an intimate feel for the plasticity and resistant strength of the glass. Her sense of form and colour combines with technical precision to create dishes and cylindrical forms that give an impression of thoroughness and maturity as well as considerable elegance.

Ulla Gustafsson’s glass products have a dreamily poetic quality in which her fondness for experiment plays an important part. She often works on the basis of an experience, either a shape taken out of its usual context or a surface texture. Her confident workmanship allows her ideas to come to fruition.

Anna Lena Kauppi is imaginative and almost naiively spontaneous, with a irresistible urge to experiment with different means of expression. In fusing technique she makes imaginative pictures and large dishes decorated with gold and platinum. Sensations and moods often take precedence over technique, resulting in sensuous and humorous glass products.