Superpose is the name of a new sculptural statement lamp by Frederik Kurzweg

Sculptural statement lamp

Superpose is the name of a new sculptural statement lamp by designer Frederik Kurzweg for Normann Copenhagen. The lamp consists of three bent and rounded, perforated steel sheets, which are concentrically arranged around each other, shifted at a precise 180-degree angle. Through the superimposition of the geometrical shapes it forms an impressive, sculptural appearance that changes with the viewer‘s position.

This effect is emphasized by the perforated patterns making the surfaces seem more or less semitransparent. The accurately balanced proportions of the bent layers decrease towards the center of the lamp and the overlaying sheets build changing patterns by the intriguing moiré principle.

The Superpose lamp shines a soft light outwards and a direct light downwards while its perforated pattern casts lively shadows on its surroundings. Let the lamp stand out above a table, use it as mood lighting in a corner or as an impressive ceiling lamp. Regardless of the context, Superpose continually seduces the viewer with new impressions that do not cease to attract, even when the lamp is switched off.