Sulava Tumblers – artek 2nd cycle @ The Glass of 2018

Artek 2nd cycle hosted The Glass of 2018 -exhibition earlier this year. The exhibition showcased glass prototypes by students and alumnies of Lahti design School. The prototypes were made in collaboration with the students in the Glass School of Nuutajärvi. From the exhibition 2nd cycle purchased a set of 15 Sulava-tumblers designed by one of the alumnies, Penna Tornberg.

“In glass industry molds made from steel sheets are normally used only as “optic molds” to create optic difference to the material. From there on the glass forming process typically continues with other tools and shaping molds. In “Sulava” glass design process I focused on the mold and how to take advantage of it’s features in a new way. I also wanted to keep the forming process as simple as possible so there is no need for several molds or steps when blowing “Sulava” glass,” Penna explains. Picture: Toivo Molin



“The mold I designed works the same way as normal “optic mold” would, making the optic features of the glass visible but at the same time shapes the glass to it’s final form. The mold is made from thin laser-cut steel sheets assembled together like a 3D puzzle. It is easy to use and can be operated just by one person,” Penna Tornberg continues. Picture: Toivo Molin


Mold for Sulava Glass. Picture: Toivo Molin