String Furniture presents Pira G2, a modern interpretation of a design classic from 1955

The Pira shelf was design by the Swedish architect Olle Pira (1927 – 2018)
especially for the iconic H55 design exhibition.


Now, String Furniture together with the architect Anna von Schewen and the industrial designer Björn Dahlström have created a contemporary interpretation.



The Pira G2 is an elegant and impressive piece of furniture, made of modern materials with a gentle nod to the 1950s, which will be introduced at Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2023.

Although the starting point was original design, Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström has designed a completely new expression.

”The ambition was never to design a retro-style piece of furniture, but rather to embrace the core idea behind the original PIRA and create a taller, wider version” explains Björn Dahlström.

Thanks to its frame and size the Pira G2 carries an obvious gravitas and architectural expression. It is a pronounced modern design, which makes the shelf appear elegant and simultaneously exceptionally robust.


”The central point in the PIRA G2 design is the pole which makes the floor-to-ceiling tensioned shelf possible, completely free-standing. Another important feature is how the shelves themselves wrap around the poles to connect, as if they were one piece. It’s a type of furniture design that creates a gestalt, even though it’s a modular system”, says Anna von Schewen.

The shelf system is manufactured exclusively from high end materials. The shelves are made of lacquered steel sheets and the poles of extruded aluminium which emphasises the solid expression even further. The cabinets and bookends have the options of walnut or white oak, where the wood brings warmth and creates a contrast to the lacquered metal.


The Pira G2 has a modular design and can be free-standing, wall-mounted and is equally well-suited to larger living areas as well as public spaces.

The shelves have been tested and approved 50kg load and can be furnished with cabinets in walnut or white oak, bookends and organisers in solid walnut or oak. The poles and shelves come in white and black grey.


Bo Hellberg CMO: We’re very excited to finally be able to present the Pira G2. It has a unique contemporary design and architectural presence and casually commands a space – especially as a room divider. This launch also means a new chapter for String Furniture where we enter a new and more exclusive category.