Stolab’s exclusive Prio storage range is expanding

Stolab's exclusive Prio storage range is expanding

We are now launching three new products at Stolab in our highly rated storage range, Prio: Chest of drawers with four drawers, Chest of drawers with three drawers and Low sideboard, 62 cm in height with doors and drawers.

Prio storage is a range where the possibilities of solid wood meet designer Måns H Sjöstedt’s ability to interpret us and the values we wish to convey through our furniture. It is a timeless range with a certain retro feel which conveys an exclusive impression through close attention to detail and a deep feeling for material.

 When Prio was launched just over two years ago, the idea was to find an exclusive storage range with a deep feeling for material, which could expand based on different needs and functional requirements. All components in the range function on their own, but have a common design. Being able to offer various storage solutions, which include drawers, now further increases what is possible. For example, the low storage unit can be used as lounge furniture, media bench, etc.

Måns H Sjöstedt, Yellon, designer for Prio
“In terms of design, it was important to find forms with qualities that last over time, with well-balanced proportions and carefully fashioned details which emphasise the material and the craftsmanship that exists at Stolab. Instead of adding different details, it was about holding back and allowing the material to speak for itself. Functions and values have been added by removing material and this in particular has given Prio a clear identity. A recess in the solid top brings out a beautiful bowl shape which “frames” and also keeps things in place. The recess emerges again in the beautiful oval or round handles and the rounded leg posture.”

Prio is manufactured in solid oak or birch and is available in clear lacquer, light matt lacquer, oil or in a colour.