Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair postponed to September 2022 – due to the rise of Covid-19

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair will be postponed until September 6-9 2022, while Stockholm Design week is scheduled to run as normal in February 7-13, 2022.

Due to the rise of Covid-19 in several countries Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is postponed from February to September 6-9, 2022.

“We are an international fair with exhibitors and visitors travelling here from all over the world, including our neighbouring Scandinavian countries. We have great interest and engagement for the 2022 edition of the fair, but we need to move it forward due to the current situation in the world,” says Hanna Nova Beatrice, Project Area Manager for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and Stockholm Design Week.

The decision to temporarily move the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair to September 6-9, 2022 is based on when other design fairs and activities are taking place internationally during the year, as well as on the access to the premises at the fair ground Stockholmsmässan.

“By moving Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair forward to September we hope to give more people an opportunity to participate, including those based in countries that now have a lockdown. After a two-year break it feels important to welcome as many exhibitors and visitors as possible in 2022,” says Sanna Gebeyehu, Product and Concept Owner, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and Stockholm Design Week.

Stockholm Design Week in February 2022
Stockholm Design Week, arranged by Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, will go ahead as planned on February 7-13, 2022. Exhibitions and activities in the city will be listed in the Stockholm Design Week’s app, making it easy for visitors to get around in the city. Stockholm Design Week will have its official hub in Östermalm in Stockholm and curate an exhibition at a museum in the city. Shuttle buses will run between the different design districts.

“Many of the planned exhibits and activities during Stockholm Design Week can still be carried out and therefore it still feels relevant to go ahead with the design week in the city. We have a press programme and welcome the international press who are able to travel, but of course we follow the prevailing restrictions,” Hanna Nova Beatrice concludes.

More information about dates and activites – for exhibitors and visitors

– Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is being moved to September 6-9, 2022. If you have booked a stand or purchased an entrance ticket for February 2022, it is applicable for the September 2022 fair.

– Stockholm Design Week will ho ahead as planned on February 7-13, 2022, in accordance with prevailing restrictions. More information on Stockholm Design Week is available here.

– Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks, with the theme Being a Game Changer, will be aired digitally in connection with Stockholm Design Week 2022. More information to come.

– The international press programme will still be arranged for those who are able to travel.
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