Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair launches new seminar concept – award-winning design studio Formafantasma is one of the week’s keynote speakers

Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks, the seminar program of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, have divided their seminar into one digital and one physical part. With “BEing a Game Changer” as the overall theme, the seminar focus on the most important issues facing the industry right now.

How do we build more sustainable cities? What does circularity really mean and how do we create innovative and profit-driven furniture companies in a circular economy? With “Being a Game Changer” as the theme Stockholm Design and Architecture Talks focus on the most important issues facing the industry right now.

“We want to spark debate and instigate collaborations over the genres and have invited a number of interesting speakers and panellists to discuss today’s most important issues. How do we change direction, how do we change our business around? We must help each other and put completion aside in order to find the best solutions going forward,” says Hanna Nova Beatrice, Project Area Manager for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and Stockholm Design Week.

In the autumn, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2022 presented several major changes in order to offer exhibitors and visitors a more dynamic experience of the fair as well as Stockholm Design Week and the activities taking place in Stockholm during the week. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair’s seminar programme, Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks, will also have a new format. One part will be digital and will be broadcast for three days the week before the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair – and the other part will take place at the fair where a number of international keynote speakers have been invited.
Among the speakers is the award-winning Italian design studio Formafantasma, founded by Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin in 2009. Last year the studio was and named designer of the year by Wallpaper. Their Cambio exhibition, presented by Serpentine Galleries and currently touring the world, looks at the global impact of the timber industry on our environment.

Dezeen founder, Marcus Fairs, will moderate a number of panel discussions during the digital seminar programme, as will journalist Katie Treggiden. She recently wrote the book Wasted and runs the successful podcast Circular, which explores circularity and reuse.

The entire programme for Design and Architecture Talks 2022/BEING A GAME CHANGER will be launched in January 2022.