Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018 – guest exhibitions

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018 – guest exhibitions

Our guest exhibitions

Every year we host guest exhibitions and guest events to further shine a spotlight on Scandinavian design & architecture. This year we will offer:

Den Nya Kartan: Halland
What can local manufacturers and designers achieve when they work together? The results are shown in the exhibition, Den Nya Kartan: Halland. The project was initiated by industrial designer and curator Jenny Nordberg to show that the global production map is starting to be redrawn.

Paviljongen Kärnhuset
Suburbia in Sweden has since its creation been dominated by the nuclear family. However, new family constellations and new ways of living and working promote interest in alternative ways of cohabitation, and a reborn fascination for ruralisation challenges the almighty urbanisation. Answering to this condition Tidskriften Rum proposes, in collaboration with the architecture practice Hesselbrand, a platform for discussion – a housing model which allows the qualities of urban life to flourish in the suburbs, in the countryside, in the future. Experience it in 1:1 scale in the Rooms House pavilion, and learn more about the project in the book Past, Present, Future. Guided tours daily at 11 am and 3 pm. Welcome!

A tribute to everyday life
by danishdesignMAKERS
The exhibition is inspired by the Danish poet Dan Turell’s poem about the beauty of everyday routines – and partly a commentary on the extravagance that, on many fronts, characterises the design scene today.
The organizer danishdesign MAKERS is an alliance of designers of different nationalities and backgrounds, but all with strong ties to the Danish design culture. This year’s exhibition features designs from 22 designers, which fit into an everyday routine from their private lives. MAKERS believe design is foremost a practical subject and that it is best kept this way.