Stockholm Design Talks theme for 2016 is ”Scandinavia Now”

Stockholm Design Talks theme for 2016 is ”Scandinavia Now”

Stockholm Design Talks offers many interesting discussions and lectures with high-profile guests from around the world. With the theme, Scandinavia Now, Stockholm Design Talks is striving to become even more up-to-date and reflect current trends in the field of design and architecture.

“We are the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian design, so it feels logical in 2016 to zoom in for a closer look at what is happening right here, right now. Everything from ongoing architecture and interior design projects, success factors behind our design companies and designers, current debates within topics such as how we develop our cities and responsible construction that we can leave behind for future generations,” says Cecilia Nyberg, Event Manager for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

Another new feature for 2016 is Showcase, where interesting and ongoing architectural projects will be presented by their designers. Like in previous years, Stockholm Design Talks will be led by moderators who are very knowledgeable within the area of design. Moderators include Hanna Nova Beatrice, design author and Editor-in-Chief at Residence, Mark Isitt, journalist and author, Guy Dittrich, specialist within hotel and design, and Marcus Fairs, Chief Editor of Dezeen. Guests and speakers include Neil Harbisson, artist, Judith van Vliet, Color designer, Bolle Tham, architect, Emma Jonsteg, CEO of Utopia Arkitekter, Martin Videgård, architect, design duo BarberOsgerby, designers and architects, Karolina Keyzer, urban architect, Hanna Wendelbo, tapestry designer and Julien de Smedt, architect.

Stockholm Design Talks will be held February 10-13 in the knowledge center of Stockholmsmässan, next to the Design Bar in Cedar Hall. First on the schedule for February 10-11 are the Architecture and Design Days, which will focus primarily on architecture, interior architects, designers and buyers. February 12 is Furniture and Light Dealers Day, which focuses on dealers. February 13 is General Admission Day with a number of inspirational, knowledgeable guests. The Architecture and Design Days will be concluded with Stockholm Design Week Round-up, at which Stockholm Design Talks, under the leadership of Marcus Fairs from Dezeen and interesting panel members, will summarize the high and low points, trends and tendencies and icons and new names from the past week.

Admission to Stockholm Design Talks is free. The talks and discussions will be recorded and can be viewed at and