Stay. Now. Then: Housing Questions and answers – ArkDes

Stay. Now. Then: Housing Questions and answers – ArkDes

Housing crises are nothing new. Most of the 1900 and 2000s was characterized by the lack of housing. The exhibition Bo. Now. Then: Housing Questions and Answers for 99 years takes a holistic approach to one of today’s most pressing issues: Housing crisis.

Housing issue is one of today’s most controversial issues. Bo. Now. Then: Housing Questions and Answers for 99 years depicts the problems and solutions to the housing crisis from 1917 to today and into the future. The exhibition also looks forward and collect the latest attempt to find solutions in our own time. The exhibition opens on April 16, 2016.

In 1964, 150,000 people were on waiting in Stockholm, today it is 500 000. During the 1900s, several different medications tried to create good accommodation for everyone in Sweden. Some questions asked are: What did the politicians in 1931 when Sweden was Europe’s worst housing standards? How did the debate before – and what was the argument? Who decided then and who decides today?

– After this exhibition should feel that it is going to change, you can think again, it is possible to do things, says Dan Hallemar, project manager for the exhibition Bo.Nu. Then: Housing and answers for 99 years .

Picture top TV Erlander house or Accordion house designed by Henning Orlander. where the then Prime Minister, Tage Erlander lived. Photo: Anders Fredriksen. During TV: Multi-Bo , designed by White architects for the student housing companies, SSSB. Picture right: KomBo , concept for modern collective housing developed by the Iron Market and Utopia Architects.

The exhibition features examples of architectural and design response to the housing crisis through the ages, much is based on material from ArkDes rich collections. Here you can among other things see the house shaped like stars in Gröndal 1946 villas Stacked in Gothenburg in 1960, temporary emergency shelter in Stockholm in 1917. But there are also examples of the latest proposals on housing solutions in our time, such as fast house in Högdalen .

 Curator: Dan Hallemar.

Throughout 2016 work ArkDes with housing issues in Bo. Now. Then – in various places in the country – through various channels. Read more about Bo. Now. Then. hair”