Soundwave® Wall acoustic panel by Christophe Pillet – Offecct

Soundwave® Wall, acoustic panel by Christophe Pillet

Offecct has together with French designer Christophe Pillet created a new acoustic panel named Soundwave® Wall. Wall is designed to form a natural element in indoor spaces, a part of the interior architecture that makes the acoustics better without drawing attention to it with eye catching geometry. With Soundwave® Wall, Offecct broadens its extensive collection of eco-friendly acoustic panels, offering more ways to create a healthy sound environment. 

– Acoustic panels tend to transform into decorative tiles when mounted on a wall because the joints of the panels creates a visible pattern, like a grid. I wanted to avoid that and try to make an acoustic panel that would keep the surface of the wall intact while still having a great ability to absorb sound, says Christophe Pillet.

Soundwave® Wall is the largest acoustic panel made by Offecct to date, and is built upon the existing standard measures set by Offecct’s successful acoustic panels collection Soundwave®.

– Soundwave® Wall stretches from floor to ceiling, it’s a panel that is a part of the architecture in a building, like a pre-fabricated partition wall. I drew my inspiration from the way some interiors are made in Japanese homes, with walls constructed by long wooden sticks put in a row. In these constructions the contrast between light and shadow forms a beautiful continuous wave which makes the wall naturally substantial, explains Christophe Pillet.