Sonat by Åke Axelsson – Gärsnäs

Sonat by Åke Axelsson – Gärsnäs

Åke Axelsson, the SONAT armchair
Åke Axelsson presents the Sonat armchair,
a refined and upgraded version of an earlier classic, the Century.

Tell me about your new Sonat armchair.
Actually, it’s both a new and an old project. When Gärsnäs celebrated its 100th anniversary, in 1993, there was a
competition and I won an award for a stackable armchair named Century. It was delivered to the Grünewald Hall
in the Stockholm Concert Hall where it remains today. After requests for a contemporary and updated version, I
produced a new proposal that is largely based on Century. The new chair is called Sonat and has a contemporary

How does Sonat differ from Century?
Today the demand for flexible use is greater than ever, meaning that Sonat is even easier to stack. As always, I
strive to make the chair as light as possible, without compromising comfort and strength. In appearance, Sonat
is softer in form. The underside of the seat is perforated and sound absorbent. Both the seat and back are upholstered.
The wood is beech because it is strong, hard and firm in structure. It can also be bent into shape better
than other kinds of wood.

Product Description SONAT:
Armchair of bent solid beech. Upholstered seat and back, in fabric or leather. Stackable and linkable.